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For Patients

Precision exercise prescription drives endogenous medicine which benefits every organ system in the body.

Resources for Patients

For patients we provide direct exercise medicine assessment, prescription, ongoing monitoring and support. Face to face through our West Perth Clinic or our numerous clinical partners around the World. We also provide virtual exercise medicine through the MyExerciseMedicine Platform powered by Technogym.
Clinicians, health centers, medical companies and hospitals can draw on our expertise with turnkey solutions for implementing quality, effective and efficient exercise medicine practices.

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MyExerciseMedicine Values

To promote exercise medicine as a safe, effective and viable treatment for chronic disease.

By facilitating health and medical clinicians, centres and hospitals around the globe to implement quality exercise medicine practice and through the Internet provide virtual exercise medicine our vision is that all people experiencing chronic disease will be able to take exercise medicine each day.

We will constantly review the latest research and clinical practice to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in exercise medicine for the widest range of the world’s population.

The human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself and exercise drives internal medicine to treat all chronic diseases and acting synergistically with traditional medical interventions.

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Exercise medicine is a therapy that patients can use to take control of their cancer journey. The benefits are indisputable and there are no side effects. The MyExerciseMedicine team can provide specific exercise prescriptions, based on health and fitness assessment and patient preferences. We tailor the prescription to the cancer type, stage and treatment side effects to optimise outcomes.

I never knew exercise could be a critical part of my cancer management. I feel so empowered to take an active role in my medical care. The resources and tools provided are fantastic and the MyWellness app really keeps me motivated.

Breast Cancer Patient

I really wanted to do something to improve my situation. Taking up exercise really gave me the opportunity to fight my cancer and work along with my doctors. I have been on testosterone suppression for more than 2 years now and it is really affecting my masculinity. Lifting weights in particular makes me feel strong and in control again. The heavy resistance training program provided by the exercise physiologist really challenges me and I like that.  

Prostate Cancer Patient

To be honest I am struggling as I have advanced cancer and after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy I was feeling very low. I know the exercise is helping me physically but the most important benefit for me is mental health. I just feel less depressed and more positive about life.  

Lung Cancer Patient
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