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The field of exercise medicine is relatively new and evolving VERY quickly. Starting from scratch can waste time and money and result in a sub-optimal solution. The team at MyExerciseMedicine have extensive experience and have developed a turnkey solution which is scalable from single practitioner to major hospital or medical company. Research in exercise medicine is prolific and rapidly changing best practice patient care. MyExerciseMedicine keep our clinical subscribers up to date and cutting edge.

We wanted to differentiate our cancer centre in the marketplace and encourage clinicians to refer their patients to us and for patients to ask to receive care with us, stay with us and have greater satisfaction and better outcomes. Our exercise medicine service has really helped us to achieve this but we could not have done it without the MyExerciseMedicine platform.

Cancer Centre Practice Manager

Receiving regular research and clinical practice updates has been very helpful. Exercise prescription for cancer patients is continually changing as new clinical trials are published. Having the MyExerciseMedicine subscription gives me updates straight into my email inbox and I can login and access more resources at any time. The questionaires and physical assessment forms are invaluable and we no longer use paper forms at all. 

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

We needed a solution that we could roll out across all of our hospitals and clinics to provide quality controlled and consistent exercise medicine services integrated across our network. From our small clinics with only a handful of clinicians to our largest hospitals we needed a scalable solution. MyExerciseMedicine provided this. 

Managing Director, Medical Care Company