The following sample exercise prescriptions are provided to help patients get started with aerobic and resistance training. While we provide a range of levels they are not tailored to a specific patient. It is advisable to seek the advice of an exercise professional and this is essential if the patient has cardiovascular, musculoskeletal or neurological issues or risks.

Home-based exercise prescriptions for patients isolated due to COVID-19

Home Based Prescription Level 1

Home Based Prescription Level 2

Home Based Prescription Level 3

Three programs of increasing volume and intensity that can be done just about anywhere and require little or no equipment. The circuit program should rotate changing exercise each set and then repeat the circuit.

Whole Body – No Equipment

General basic program that can be done just about anywhere and requires little or no equipment.

Urgent Start Level 1

For patients that need to start an exercise program immediately because they have just been diagnosed or there is a delay until they can consult with an exercise professional.