Project Description

The MyExerciseMedicine platform is a complete online exercise assessment and prescription cloud-based solution supporting both clinicians and patients. It is powered by Technogym and is based on their MyWellness platform.

Clinicians use MyExerciseMedicine as a tool to assist them to provide better support for their patients. A wide range of specific assessments are included in the profile section.

Once the health, fitness, access and interests of the patient are assessed, clinicians use MyExerciseMedicine to design a targeted, tailored exercise prescription for their patient. A huge library of exercises and specific sample prescriptions are built into MyExerciseMedicine including cancer specific examples.

Patients who are subscribed to the MyExerciseMedicine platform can download an app for their smartphone or table or access via any web browser to receive assessments and their prescription with video, still image and text explanations and information.