Exercise medicine is rapidly being adopted world wide

Dr Newton was very pleased to present at the Breast Cancer Network Australia Plan B and Plan C Conferences on 11 August 2018.

The event was sold out and both audiences were engaged and interested in exercise medicine for cancer management.

A consistent theme across both groups was the shame and feelings of inadequacy or that they were just not trying hard enough to meet recommended guidelines for exercise by cancer patients and survivors. Current recommendations by the American College of Sports Medicine and Clinical Oncology Society of Australia other patients try to accumulate 75 to 150 minutes per week of aerobic exercise and two or more resistance training sessions each week. These recommendations are almost a decade old although COSA did restate these same recommendations this year which has exacerbated the problem.
Exercise medicine should be tailored to the patient’s needs and capacity and a generic recommendation such as above is not helpful. Rather it places unreasonable expectations on patients and clinicians and is not account for the various cancer types, stages and health issues experienced by patients and survivors.
Overall the two conference streams were very successful and certainly raise the awareness of exercise as a medicine contributing to overall cancer management.

Exercise Medicine is very important synergistic treatment for anyone going through their cancer journey

Appropriate exercise will improve quality of life, reduce treatment side effects and enhance or prevent decline in body composition and physical function.

  • If you are sedentary try to get active as soon as possible

  • Seek the consultation of a qualified exercise professional

  • Any exercise is better than none – more is better than a little

  • View exercise as part of your treatment rather than having to be a fun activity

  • Exercise with others to increase support and help you stick with the program

MyExerciseMedicine provides online support to cancer patients and survivors assisting them to adopt a safe and effective exercise lifestyle.

Studies show that appropriate and tailored exercise is safe, effective and well tolerated by people with cancer.

The Breast Cancer Network Australia has embraced the research and clinical evidence of exercise as an important medicine for people with breast cancer. As a result they have implemented a range of initiatives which are contributing substantially to improved quality and quantity of life for both women and men with breast cancer.

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To promote exercise medicine as a safe, effective and viable treatment for chronic disease.

By facilitating health and medical clinicians, centres and hospitals around the globe to implement quality exercise medicine practice and through the Internet provide virtual exercise medicine our vision is that all people experiencing chronic disease will be able to take exercise medicine each day.

We will constantly review the latest research and clinical practice to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in exercise medicine for the widest range of the world’s population.  

The human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself and exercise drives internal medicine to treat all chronic diseases and acting synergistically with traditional medical interventions.

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Exercise medicine can be of great benefit to people with cancer but hard to get started and maintain. MyExerciseMedicine can help.