My Exercise Medicine for Cancer
Professor Rob Newton, PhD, DSc, AEP

An engaging and informative self-help guide to creating your own exercise medicine in the management of your cancer.

MyExerciseMedicine for Cancer - by Professor Rob Newton
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The latest book by Professor Rob Newton

“I have put my more than 40 years of research, clinical practice, coaching and teaching into a detailed and engaging book on how to generate your own exercise medicine as part of your cancer treatment.”

This book is very much for the person going through their cancer journey and their loved ones and support team. While medical and health professionals may find this book interesting the content is written to be easily understood and implemented by people without needing any knowlegde of human biology, physiology, or exercise science. This is a do-it-yourself guide to exercise medicine as treatment for cancer.

  • Learn why it is important to be physically active and perform targeted exercise at all phases of cancer treatment.

  • Discover the basics of exercise medicine so you can feel confident exercising on your own, safely and effectively.

  • Straight forward advice on what types of exercise, how much, and how vigorous to achieve the best outcomes and optimise time efficiency.

  • Simple self-assessments to help you target the components of health and fitness that are most important to focus on for better health outcomes.

  • Example exercise programs for home, park, gym or exercise clinic.

  • Diet strategies to improve the effectiveness of exercise and improve overall health.

  • Extensive links to online resources and tools which have all been thoroughly evaluated for quality and accuracy.

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    Exercise medicine is a relatively inexpensive cancer treatment, highly effective and safe if prescribed correctly, and has no side effects! Patient quality of life and potentially quantity of life is improved. Targeted exercise reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, supports the patient to prepare for and recover from surgery, and actually increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy!


    I never knew exercise could be a critical part of my cancer management. I feel so empowered to take an active role in my medical care. The resources and tools provided are fantastic and the FitMed app really keeps me motivated.

    Breast Cancer Patient

    Regular exercise has never been a part of my life and I had no idea how to even start. Being 73 years old and having prostate cancer I was scared that I might do something wrong and injure myself or worse. This book is easy to read and quite funny in places which helped me to stay engaged. The examples are motivating and knowing more about how to exercise to help treat my cancer really got me off teh couch.

    Prostate Cancer Patient
    You read so many different ideas and recommendations on the Internet but I was worried what was accurate and based in science. The author really explains the science clearly and simply. I want to do everything I can to help my mother through this cancer journey and this book gave me so many ways to actively support her. 
    Carer for a person with cancer