The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all aspects of life including health and medicine and it is likely that many of these adaptations to how, when and where we deliver exercise medicine services will will be long-lasting if not permanent. Across the globe hospitals, medical centres and clinicians have pivoted to telehealth to try and keep their patients physically active and reduce escalation in chronic disease risk and severity.

COVID-19 has resulted in digital technologies of both hardware and software advancing by years of development in only a few months to meet the needs of social media, communications and business and the enhanced or entirely novel platforms provide fantastic opportunities and greatly enhanced capabilities for telehealth, including application to exercise medicine.

We have been researching, implementing and evaluating this new telehealth world extensively and integrating as appropriate into our MyExerciseMedicine platform.

The key components of the MyExerciseMedicine telehealth solution are:

  • Technogym MyWellness exercise prescription platform
    • exercise prescription is designed and delivered to the patient via their smart device or computer
    • as patient performs each exercise session their exercises, sets and repetitions are recorded and stored in the MyWellness cloud
    • exercise prescription can be modified at any time remotely and instantly updates in the MyWellness App or web browser
  • Patient exercise and physical activity recorded using any of the major wearable sensor companies (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin etc) are access through their cloud platforms for aggregation, analytics and visualisations. This is very important for patient monitoring.
  • Patient assessment including health, physical fitness and patient reported outcome measures is provided through the MyExerciseMedicine platform as digital forms and questionnaires accessible by the patient’s smart device or computer.
  • Patient consultations are provided by our bespoke HIPAA compliant video chat App which supports video chat, text chat, file exchange, and telephone.
  • Clinician dashboard provides online real-time monitoring and reporting on patient status including alerts.
  • Patient dashboard provides online access to their exercise prescription, exercise and physical activity history, assessment results, ratings of health and fitness including overall “health score”, and a vast array of FAQs, blogs and resources all carefully vetted by the MyExerciseMedicine team.

clinician dashboard

video chat

access exercise prescription anytime anywhere