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Exercise to improve radiotherapy response


Exercise modulation of tumour perfusion and hypoxia to improve radiotherapy response in prostate cancer Background An increasing number of studies indicate that exercise plays an important role in the overall care of prostate cancer (PCa) patients before, during and after treatment. Historically, research has focused on exercise as a modulator of physical function, psychosocial [...]

Exercise to improve radiotherapy response2021-03-25T03:14:53+00:00

Keeping Cancer Patients Exercising During COVID-19


Keeping Patients With Cancer Exercising in the Age of COVID-19 The novel 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is a global public health emergency. To date, physical distancing and good personal hygiene have been the only effective measures to limit spread. The pandemic has altered routine cancer care, including allied health and supportive care interventions. [...]

Keeping Cancer Patients Exercising During COVID-192021-03-25T03:15:18+00:00

Exercise during adjuvant chemo for breast cancer


Physical deterioration and adaptive recovery in physically inactive breast cancer patients during adjuvant chemotherapy: a randomised controlled trial This clinical trial was conducted in breast cancer patients undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy. This was a head to head comparison of hospital based moderate - high intensity supervised exercise program versus instructed home-based pedometer intervention. Cardiorespiratory fitness [...]

Exercise during adjuvant chemo for breast cancer2021-03-25T03:15:48+00:00

Resistance Training during Chemotherapy with Doxorubicin


Resistance Training during Chemotherapy with Doxorubicin This is a preclinical animal study adding to the growing body of evidence that targeted exercise can reduce or eliminate some side effects of chemotherapy. In this case muscle mass and strength loss was attenuated by resistance training. Not a study in humans and the animals did not [...]

Resistance Training during Chemotherapy with Doxorubicin2021-03-25T03:16:15+00:00

COVID-19 & Cancer Clinical Outcomes


Effect of Cancer on Clinical Outcomes of Patients With COVID-19: A Meta-Analysis of Patient Data This paper is a systematic review and meta-analysis. The authors report that cancer is associated with worse clinical outcomes among patients with COVID-19. However, elderly patients with cancer may not be at increased risk of death when infected with [...]

COVID-19 & Cancer Clinical Outcomes2021-03-25T03:16:44+00:00

If you build it, will they come?


If you build it, will they come? Evaluation of a co‐located exercise clinic and cancer treatment centre using the RE‐AIM framework Around 10 years ago we started working with GenesisCare to develop exercise medicine services to support their cancer care. Our team established an exercise clinic within the new GenesisCare centre in Joondalup, Western [...]

If you build it, will they come?2021-03-25T03:17:17+00:00

Exercise attenuates ADT side-effects


Exercise‐induced attenuation of treatment side‐effects in patients with newly diagnosed prostate cancer beginning androgen‐deprivation therapy: a randomised controlled trial A key takeaway from this study was that a 3-month combined aerobic and resistance training program prevented adverse cardiorespiratory and fatigue changes in men initiating ADT for prostate cancer. However, once they transitioned to exercise [...]

Exercise attenuates ADT side-effects2021-03-25T03:17:59+00:00

Exercise, why not?


World Cancer Day: why exercise is medicine for cancer care Technogym, posted an article written by Dr Robert Newton and Dr Silvano Zanuso as an update for World Cancer Day. Here Drs Newton and Zanuso discuss the critical role of exercise as a medicine in the management of cancer. Dispelling some of the myths [...]

Exercise, why not?2021-03-25T03:18:37+00:00

Exercise and Artery Health in Older Adults


Which Exercise Mode Improve Artery Health in Older Adults A key takeaway from this study was that HIIT and moderate-intensity continuous training, but not whole-body resistance training, increased the ability of arteries to relax in response to an increase in blood flow. However, only HIIT enhanced resting blood flow in the brachial artery. Furthermore, [...]

Exercise and Artery Health in Older Adults2021-03-25T07:58:23+00:00

Heavy Resistance Training in Breast Cancer Patients


Heavy Resistance Training in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Adjuvant Therapy In this randomised control trial patients completed heavy resistance training (4 sets leg press x 4 repetitions) at around 90% of their 1RM. This resulted in 20% increase in strength as well as 9-12% improvement in functional performance. The control group actually declined in [...]

Heavy Resistance Training in Breast Cancer Patients2021-03-25T07:59:29+00:00
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