Professor Newton was an invited speaker at the Cancer Prevention – Physical Activity Virtual Conference hosted by Cancer Research UK and Ludwig Cancer Research from 23-25 February 2021.

Professor Newton presented on “Exercise as Medicine for Cancer” and covered a range of topics including:

  • Exercise medicine across the cancer continuum
  • Physical activity and exercise associate with cancer specific mortality
  • Mechanisms of exercise effects on tumour biology
  • Exercise synergy with radiation therapy
  • Muscle and fat mass associations with cancer mortality
  • Exercise enhancement of chemotherapy
  • Interference effect of aerobic exercise on strength and muscle mass gains from resistance training
  • Exercise dose tolerance, compliance and capacity for people with cancer
  • Exercise mode specificity for ameliorating bone loss in men on ADT for prostate cancer
  • Targeted exercise prescription for patients with metastatic bone cancer
  • An RCT to determine if exercise causes increased survival for men with advanced prostate cancer the INTERVAL-GAP4 Trial
  • Exercise guidelines for patients with cancer
  • Telehealth exercise medicine
  • Accentuated and eccentric only exercise for patients with cancer

Click here to view the video of this presentation.

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